Founded in 2000 by Peggy Glassco, GymKyds is one of Manitoba’s largest & foremost gymnastics centres. What sets GymKyds apart from other gyms is our non-competitive setting & focus on the individual personal best of each child. At GymKyds we are 100% recreational. At GymKyds, students learn the FUNdamentals of gymnastics & beyond, build self-confidence, & develop a lasting love of gymnastics & physical activity.

We run programs out of our main location at 421 Beaverhill Blvd in Southdale, a satellite program in St. James (195 Collegiate St), multiple seasonal rural programs, and mobile pop-up classes. We are passionate about sharing the joys of movement & gymnastics with all!

Our Staff

Peggy Glassco

GymKyds Owner & Head Coach

Get to know Peggy!

Barb Wierckx

Coach & Daytime Coordinator

Get to know Barb!

Kalee Forsyth

Recreational Coordinator and Class Manager

Get to know Kalee!

Brianna Semeniuk

Class Manager & Social Media Manager

Get to know Brianna!

Selina Whitford

Administrator & Coach

Get to know Selina!

Kirby Kern

Coach & Class Manager

Get to know Kirby!

Lauren Hanson

Elites Head Coach & Class Manager

Get to know Lauren!

Shannon Bridgeford

Coach & Class Manager

Get to know Shannon!

Sophie Stieler

Coach & Class Manager

Get to know Sophie!

Reena (2013)

Ashley M. (2016)

Rebecca (2018)

Ashley S.

Jagdeep (2019)

Bakhita (2021)

Janna (2021)

Macie (2021)

Jenna (2021)

Ella A. (2021)

Rahaf (2021)

Juste (2021)

Kiera (2021)

Alyssa (2022)

Justin (2022)

Isabelle A. (2022)

Ella R. (2022)

Dario (2022)

Kate (2022)

Ana (2022)

Rolle (2022)

Mikhayla (2022)

Maddie (2022)

Lexi (2022)

Justine (2022)

Megan (2023)

Ella B. (2023)

Alicia (2023)

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