GymKyds Covid-19 Information – Last Updated March 11th, 2022

March 11th, 2022

Hello GymKyds Families,

With provincial restrictions regarding masks changing on the 15th we wanted to share what we will be doing regarding masks going forward. 

As of Tuesday, March 15th:

  • Masks will be highly encouraged but not required for students in GymKyds classes.
  • Our before & after school program students will be required to continue wearing masks.
  • Coaches will continue to wear masks.
  • Adults entering GymKyds will be required to continue wearing a mask.

We are going to continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation and will update everyone when we are ready to relax our policy on masks. We want to continue to operate as safely as possible and appreciate your support and cooperation. 


Please read below for all of the GymKyds Covid-19 policies and procedures we are following. FAQs are answered at the bottom. Restrictions from the province regarding Covid-19 have eased however we are keeping some of our own protocols in place for the time being. 

  • Please continue self-screening your child before their class. If your child is sick or presenting symptoms, please keep them home from class.
  • Masks are encouraged but no longer required for students participating in classes.
  • We ask that all adults entering the building continue wearing masks for the time being. 
  • Our staff are all fully vaccinated and will continue wearing masks for the time being. We will notify everyone when we are ready to make masks optional for adults and staff. 
  • We are keeping all of our same cleaning protocols we adopted over the pandemic and will continue doing everything we can to keep everyone safe.


  • We are permitted to operate our class sizes at full capacity.
  • Keeping classes slightly smaller makes physically distancing participants easier and make transitioning between classes easier.


  • Parents are able to come in and watch classes.
  • We ask that students try to only bring 1 spectator/parent at a time to class.
  • Our parent viewing area is a limited space so we ask that parents only come in if their child needs them there.


  • Students, parents, & GymKyds staff MUST self-screen using the following questionnaire before coming to the gym: If you cannot truthfully answer “NO” to all of the screening questions we kindly ask that you do not come to GymKyds. 
  • If a child shows symptoms on arrival or during their class we will call a parent to pick them up.
  • Students will sanitize their hands upon entering our facility through the front doors.
  • Students will remove their footwear, place their belongings in a tub, and wait in the side room. Children should avoid bringing excessive belongings and only bring in what they need (water bottle, jacket, etc.).
  • At the end of class students will collect their belongings & dress in the lobby. Students will exit through the front door. Our coaches will monitor this and make sure every student is picked up. Please try your best to pick up your student on time.


  • We have increased cleaning measures at the gym and are wiping down frequently touched surfaces and equipment with Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant.
  • At the end of each day we are fogging the gym with EasyDECON DF200 solution, a hospital-grade disinfectant provided to us by our local disinfection experts & friends at Bio-Decon 1. 


  1. Q: What if my child has to miss a class due to a runny nose, sore throat, or cold? A: Please email us and let us know your child will not be attending their class. We will then provide the date/time for another class comparable to your child’s usual class so they can come to do a make-up class. 
  2. Q: Will you provide cash refunds if a session has to be paused? A: We will provide class credit and finish the session later to make up for missed classes. Should you not be available to come back for the extended class dates we can place a credit on your account to be put towards a future session or camp. 
  3. Q: What if someone Covid-19 positive enters GymKyds? A: We will be transparent with all GymKyds families and make them aware of any Covid-19 case directly affecting GymKyds. We would close as needed, do a deep cleaning, and work with Manitoba public health authorities to reopen safely. 

We whole-heartedly appreciate the love & support we have received from so many GymKyds families since the start of the pandemic. We will do all that we can to be open safely and following government directions.


Peggy & The GymKyds Team

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