GymKyds Covid-19 Information – Last Updated October 30, 2020

October 30, 2020 – Code Red Update. Please read. All classes currently put on pause & GymKyds will be closed for everything except our kindergarten, before, and after school program.

October 16, 2020 – New entry & exit procedure into the facility! No more exiting through the side door to avoid wet fall/winter footwear on the gym floor. Please watch the video above for our updated entry & exit method or read the DROP OFF & PICK UP section below.

Please note for daytime classes falling between 11:00 AM-3:00 PM students are to use the lobby as the waiting area as our kindergarten care students use the spare room off the lobby during the day.

September 25, 2020 – Code Orange Update

August 20, 2020

Covid-19 has had major impacts on GymKyds and how we run our programs. With government recommendations constantly evolving and changing we are doing our best to manage these unprecedented times. We are planning to run gymnastics classes as usual this fall with Covid-19 adjustments in place. We feel confident about what we are doing as we have spent all summer running day camp programming and fine-tuning how we operate in this new world of Covid-19. We hope after reading the information below we can ease some parent concerns we have been hearing about how we plan to operate this fall. If you have any additional questions please email us, or call 204-487-1806. 

We want gymnastics to feel as normal as possible and be something students can look forward to every week. We are so excited to have classes this fall and will continue to provide the fun, high-quality programs we are known for. Our GymKyds Team is READY & EXCITED to start classes! Our fall session is set to run September 9-December 16, 2020.

Please read below for all of the GymKyds Covid-19 policies and procedures we are implementing this fall. FAQs are answered at the bottom.


  • Class sizes are limited to 14 participants. Parent & Me classes are capped to 10 participants + 1 parent each. 
  • Keeping classes small makes physically distancing participants easier and gives our coaches time to clean equipment throughout the class.  
  • Should government restrictions around physical distancing ease we would increase our class sizes accordingly. We will be running at half capacity and do not want students to miss out on gymnastics. If we can safely take more students in we will. 


  • We ask that parents of children ages 5 & up do not stay to watch class unless it is absolutely necessary. We understand some children may be anxious to come in on their own for the first couple classes and understand if a parent must stay. 
  • For children in our preschool-age classes and younger we ask that one parent stay in the facility for the duration of the class. Please do not bring additional siblings or family members to watch classes unless absolutely necessary. We understand some parents cannot leave another child at home or waiting outside and must bring them to class. 
  • All parents are required to wear a mask while inside our facility.

DROP OFF & PICK UP (updated October 16, 2020)

  • Students, parents, & GymKyds staff MUST self-screen using the following questionnaire before coming to the gym: If you cannot truthfully answer “NO” to all of the screening questions we kindly ask that you do not come to GymKyds. 
  • If a child shows symptoms on arrival or during their class we will call a parent to pick them up.
  • Students will sanitize their hands upon entering our facility through the front doors.
  • Students will remove their footwear, carry their shoes with them into the waiting room and remove their outerwear once in the waiting room. Children should avoid bringing excessive belongings and only bring in what they need (water bottle, jacket, etc.).
  • Students will then wait in the waiting room until a coach directs them to go and place their belongings in the cubbies near the washrooms. After storing shoes and belongings, students will go and sit on a marked spot on the floor until coaches begin the warm-up. 
  • At the end of class students will collect their belongings & dress in the lobby. Students & any parents viewing a class will exit through the front door. Our coaches will monitor this and make sure every student is picked up. Please try your best to pick up your student on time.
  • This system will work best if students arrive for their class 5-10 minutes early to get settled in the waiting room and not be in the lobby as the prior class is leaving. If you are able to be slightly early for your class we appreciate that.


  • Students will sanitize their hands between events.
  • Students will do warm-up & stretch as a group. For any classes with 9 or more participants, with the exception of GymKyds Tots, the students will be split into two smaller groups to go to each event. 
  • Coaches will try to keep students physically distanced and using our marked waiting spots as much as possible. With younger children this can be a challenge. We will do our absolute best and ask that parents talk to their children about maintaining distance from their classmates before each class. 
  • We are adjusting the games we play for warm-up as well as other aspects of our classes to make them more Covid-19 friendly. We are certain the kids will have just as much fun as always and notice little change. 
  • Our coaches will try to limit hands-on spotting when they can. However, for the safety of our participants sometimes spotting is necessary, especially with younger or more beginner gymnasts. Our coaches will be sanitizing their hands throughout classes as well. 
  • We will supply every Preschool GymKyds, Junior Preschool, and GymKyds Tots student with their own set of shakers to keep at the first class. Please bring these to class with you each week and use your own shakers for our signature “Shaker Song” warm-up.


  • We will only accept payments for the Fall 2020 session once it has begun. In the event that there is another shutdown prior to our start date (September 9th) it saves us having to do refunds for everyone. Once the session has begun we will be accepting payments at the first class (just outside the front entrance of the gym) by debit, credit, cash, or cheque. Contactless payment is preferred. Payment by credit card over the phone works too.
  • Should we have to close GymKyds due to another shutdown or a Covid-19 case directly affecting us we will credit affected students and they will receive their missed classes at a later date. 
    • Ex. GymKyds has to close for two weeks. We would push our fall session two weeks longer and start the winter session later to make up for the missed weeks. 


  • We have increased cleaning measures at the gym and are wiping down frequently touched surfaces and equipment with Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant.
  • At the end of each day we are fogging the gym with EasyDECON DF200 solution, a hospital-grade disinfectant provided to us by our local disinfection experts & friends at Bio-Decon 1. 


  1. Q: What if my child has to miss a class due to a runny nose, sore throat, or cold? A: Please email us and let us know your child will not be attending their class. We will then provide the date/time for another class comparable to your child’s usual class so they can come to do a make-up class. 
  2. Q: Will you provide cash refunds if a session has to be paused? A: We will provide class credit and finish the session later to make up for missed classes. Should you not be available to come back for the extended class dates we can place a credit on your account to be put towards a future session or camp. 
  3. Q: Does my kid have to wear a mask to class? A: We are not requiring students. They can if they choose to. We do require masks for parents sitting in the building viewing classes.
  4. Q: What if someone Covid-19 positive enters GymKyds? A: We will be transparent with all GymKyds families and make them aware of any Covid-19 case directly affecting GymKyds. We would close as needed, do a deep cleaning, and work with Manitoba public health authorities to reopen safely. 

We whole-heartedly appreciate the love & support we have received from so many GymKyds families since the start of the pandemic. We will do all that we can to be open safely and following government directions. We understand some families may not feel safe or ready to come back in September. We are ready to welcome you back whenever you are ready & look forward to seeing everyone soon.


Peggy & The GymKyds Team

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