Buddy Class (Cohort Class)

Create your own buddy group & have a private weekly class together! Parents create a “bubble” group of kids for a private class. This could be family members, school friends, neighbours, or whoever you are comfortable sharing your class with. Minimum 7 kids. It is best if the kids are somewhat close together in age & gymnastics skill.

Your group would be the only people in the gym at the time of your class (aside from our staff). The experience would be the same fun & high energy experience as coming to any other GymKyds class. We understand that all parents are at a different comfort level right now when it comes to sending their children back to recreational activities. We want to have options for everyone so no child is left behind or missing out on quality recreation and sport opportunities.


  1. Talk to your family & friends and create a group of “buddies.”
  2. Once you have a group together please call us to make sure the class time you want is available.
  3. Have each parent create an account in our online registration portal. Since your class is private we will have to add students to the class from our end and the class will not be visible to parents. Parents will need to have an account for us to register their child.
  4. Email or call and give us the list of names of the students who will be in your class.
  5. We will send email confirmations to each buddy student once registered.


Buddy Class rates are the exact same as our regular classes and will follow the same dates as our Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions. For more details on pricing, sibling discounts, session dates, and other important information please click here.

For details on our COVID-19 policies and procedures please click here.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email (gymkyds@gmail.com) or by phone (204-487-1806).

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