COVID-19 Code Red Update

October 30, 2020

Hello GymKyds families,

With today’s update from the Manitoba government moving Winnipeg into “code red” we wanted to update you about how that affects us at GymKyds. GymKyds classes will be put on pause immediately (Friday, October 30th, 2020). Though code red does not take effect until Monday, we are making the choice to close immediately. There will be no classes this weekend (October 31 & November 1).

As promised at the start of the session, in the event of another shutdown we would pause the current fall session and finish it when safe to do so.  Our fall session will finish later to make up for the missed classes. Our winter and spring sessions will start later to accommodate this change. In today’s update Dr. Roussin said the “code red” will last at least two weeks but could be longer. Within the next couple of weeks we will update everyone on our updated session dates and when we will be back.

Our kindergarten half day,  before, & after school program will continue to run since schools are not shutdown. 

The safety of our participants and staff are always our highest priority. Please listen to public health guidelines and everyone do your part to stop the spread of Covid-19. We want to see everyone healthy and happy back at the gym as soon as possible. These have been difficult times for everyone. The quicker we can all get on board and follow the rules the better it will be for everyone. 

We appreciate your support through these difficult times. We will be back to gymnastics as soon as possible. Stay safe & see you soon.


Peggy & The GymKyds Team

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